long Live The Spys

Australian pub Rock/Ska phenomenon Spy V Spy are still firing on all cylinders with new members, new Merchandise, a new album due for release in 2017: 'it's like new Spys with old Spys spirit!' - Craig Bloxom

With Michael Weiley's distinctive swerling melodic guitar sound and songwriting, Paul Greene on 2nd Guitar and Vocals, Neil Beaver gluing the whole thing together on Bass & Dave 'Bangers' Bennett Back on the drums, the band is sounding better than ever. Still touring and playing festivals near you!

NEXT GIG: December 2nd 2016, Beaches Hotel, Thiroull ( www.beacheshotel.com.au for nore info)

Contact Shane Loadsman on management@spyvspy.com.au / 0408862850